3 Steps to De-Cluttering Your Closet: Step 2 - Try a No/Low Buy Month

Updated: Mar 11

So you just got rid of all those pieces in your closet that you secretly hated the way they fit or felt.

Great job! Honestly, I found this to be the hardest part of my journey—really being honest with myself about what I don’t like and what I’ll never wear regardless of the price tag. Ugh, not easy at all… Goodbye $100 pair of pants that are too tight around my hips.

If you haven’t read my first step in decluttering your closet, check that out here!

The labor intensive part is done (I promise, no more pulling all your clothes out of you closet and trying them on), but now comes the part where you really need to look inside yourself to find the root cause of this wardrobe stress and put an end to it.

So what’s the next step in decluttering your closet for good?

Do a No/Low Buy Month

Now you may be wondering… how is doing a low/no buy month going to declutter my closet for me?

Remember those hours you took to go through your closet and get rid of what doesn’t fit or you don’t like? Do you want to have to do that again?

Didn’t think so.

This is 100% a preventative measure. You don’t want you closet getting back to the way it was, so take steps to figure out how it got there!

So how did you get to the point of stressing out about your closet?

  • Are you subscribed to store emails that send you emails every week about new arrivals or sales?

  • Do you feel like you would miss out on something?

  • Was something too good a deal to pass up, so you compromised on fit or feel?

For me, I subscribed to WAY too many store emails, and I was enticed by every sale or new arrivals launch. That meant I was making impulse buys of pieces I really didn’t need or want; I just wanted to get my hands on something new and exciting.

So I joined a challenge (hosted by the amazing Dawn) for this year where I’m only buying 20 pieces of clothing in all of 2020.

I know myself and although I wanted to go with a “no buy” year, I knew that would end in failure, and I would be so disappointed with myself. So it’s a low buy year for me!

Does that seem really daunting?

Start with a low buy month. Say for this next month, you will only buy 2 new pieces of clothing. Or if you’re feeling really adventurous, try a no buy month and see how you feel!

For me, I only made 2 clothing purchases in the month of January this year. In January of 2019, I made 17 clothing purchases. I am feelin’ freakin’ good, friends!

Find the trigger that makes you want to shop and face it head on. Unfollow people on Instagram, unsubscribe from emails, stop going to the mall to “just walk around.” Figure out whatever it needs to be so you can be successful.

It’s going to be different for every person, but sit down and take steps to think about what it is that makes you want to shop or is making you feel super stressed out. Find a trusted friend, a partner or spouse and simply talk it out.

When I talked with my husband about my shopping habits, it wasn’t a fun conversation, but he was really open to hear what I was struggling with and it helped him understand what’s going on in my head. It gives the people around you a little more room for empathy when they hear and can better understand what’s really going on.

It might be uncomfortable or maybe even a little painful, but your future self will thank you.

So just try this out, step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to make these small changes this week. You got this!

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