Why Everyone Needs a Jean Jacket

If you walked into anyone’s closet, what a piece you could find just about every time?

Oh come on, it’s gotta be a jean jacket!

In my opinion, everyone should own one. It’s one of my favorite pieces I own and I wear it at least twice a week.

I got mine from Madewell during a sale and it has 100% been worth what I paid for it. The denim feels very high quality, it’s very soft and the wash perfectly pairs with other pieces in my closet.

In case you haven’t taken the leap to invest in a high-quality jean jacket, here are a few reasons you should. (If you already have one, scroll down for some styling inspiration!)

#1: It’s a timeless piece

How many times in vintage photos taken anytime after the 60’s do you see someone wearing a jean jacket?

The answer is pretty much every time…

Jean jackets are THE quintessential, timeless wardrobe staple. If you pick a timeless style (I personally wouldn’t go for one that has embroidery or studs) I promise you will use it for years to come.

I know people who have gotten a hand me down jacket from a parent or grandparent and it’s one of their go-to pieces in their closet. If your parents wore it and you still love the way it looks, you know that’s a piece that will never go out of style.

#2: It goes with everything

The best part about pieces that are timeless is 99% of the time, they go with everything. T-shirts, dresses, skirts, the options are endless.

Want to try a denim on denim look? My favorite thing is pairing my jean jacket with darker denim.

It's such an effortless look, making it a perfect piece to throw on with (not joking) anything. If you take a look at my Instagram feed, you’ll see how often I wear mine. I'm not ashamed.

#3: It works in every season

Cool fall days? Yup.

Winter evenings paired with a sweater? Yes, please.

Spring afternoon? Mhm

Summer nights? Uh duh...

Jean jackets are the perfect weight for any season. I opted for one that’s a little more oversized so even in the winter I can pair it with my favorite sweater or cardigan. If you get one that’s higher quality, the denim is going to be thick enough to keep you warm in any weather and on those summer nights, roll up the sleeves to let your arms breathe a little.

#4: They last forever

Have you ever heard the saying "If you take care of something, it'll take care of you?"

That's totally not a real saying, but it should be because it applies here.

Remember when I said that some people get their parents or grandparents vintage jean jacket? That's because they loved and took care of it. I feel like you probably get the point...

Do you already own a jean jacket but don’t feel like you’re using it to its full potential?

I got you! Here are some of my favorite ways to style my jean jacket.

I will wear this outfit all day every day. No one can stop me.

Yes, yes, yes. Give me ALL the chunky sweaters with a denim on denim look!

Oh you didn't think it could go with a jumpsuit? THINK AGAIN.

Yellow is my favorite, so I will be rocking this all fall long. Thank you.

What do you think about jean jackets? Comment below!

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