5 Easy (and Cheap) Swaps to Make Your Home More Sustainable

Making your home more sustainable and eco-friendly is so much easier (and cheaper) than you might think!

I know I’ve read what feels like a million different ways I can make my lifestyle more sustainable ranging from recycling to moving off the grid, but I’ve always felt overwhelmed by the numerous options. Anyone with me?

But after a few deep breaths and a little more research, I found some easy (and cheap) ways to make my home a little more sustainable. These are in no way meant to be the end-all-be-all, but I wanted to provide people with a few small ways to change their lifestyle who might see going eco-friendly as a big step. If everyone reading this made just one small change, we could make a big impact on our world.

Let me say it another way… Do not count on others to make an impact for you. Everyone making one small change makes a greater difference than ten people going to the extreme.

Maybe a little louder for those in the back… Don’t count on others to do the work for you!

Let’s be honest, we’re all on the same team here. We all want our world to be a clean, habitable place and everyone has a part to play, so let’s make some small changes to make the world better!

Dropps laundry and dishwasher pods

I’ve been using Tide Pods since my college days and to be totally honest, I’ve really never had a problem with them. But I know those big plastic containers are not doing our world any favors, so I went on a search for a brand that offered a superior, sustainable product in eco-friendly packaging.

Enter Dropps.

Dropps has a passion for helping families reduce their footprint by providing products that are eco-responsible and economical. Did you hear that? An easy, sustainable product that doesn’t break the bank!

They also are the inventor of the laundry pod, so they really know what they’re doing. Their formulas don’t include any dyes or fragrance (you can get pods that have a scent, but they’re from essential oils) and they have special options for those with sensitive skin! Plus, their pod casing is completely biodegradable, meaning it has no lasting effects on the environment.

Added bonus! None of their packaging uses plastic. It’s all created using recyclable, compostable material that also doubles as their shipping box, which reduces their waste!

I use their subscription model where I get a shipment every 4 months and it’s only $16 for those four months… WAAATTT. Yes, you read that right, $16 for 4 months' worth of laundry pods.

Want to get $10 off your first wash plan subscription? Click here!

Reusable produce bags

Have you ever seen those people at the grocery store who sit there and pull 10 plastic bags for their produce? Yeah… that’s not super helpful. Thankfully, that’s where these awesome bags come in! They’re super easy to keep in your car for those spontaneous grocery trips. These bags are from Anthropologie, you get 4 in a pack and they’re 100% cotton, so they wash up like a dream.

Produce saving cotton bags

These babies are my saving grace. I am the worst about buying heads of romaine lettuce and forgetting about them until my fridge starts to smell (don’t worry, I’m working on it!). These are 100% cotton bags that you run under cold water, wring out and put your freshly washed veggies inside. Just throw them in your refrigerator and your veggies will stay fresh for weeks! These are great to help reduce your food waste. They come in 3 sizes—regular, extra-large and long.

Personally, I have the regular and extra-large size and they’re honestly a lifesaver!

Norwex Cloths

Magic. These cloths are pure magic.

They are made with silver (which is naturally antibacterial), meaning you just get it wet, wipe down your counter and that’s it. No harsh chemicals, no paper towels, nothing. It’s incredible! Anything that says “Bac lock” means they have silver, so I would highly recommend any.

The enviro cloths are my favorite multi-purpose tool. I have two of them and use them daily. But I’m also trying to cut down on the number of paper towels I use and they have a counter cloth that helps to cut down on paper towel usage (they come in a pack of three and have the silver antibacterial properties).

Think of how much money you could save on household cleaners by using these and you’re cutting down the number of harsh chemicals you’re exposing your family to. These are magic and you need them.

Extra-large glass water bottle

Studies show that we are supposed to drink half our body weight in ounces. For most people, that’s a lot more than we would drink on a regular basis. I’ve been trying to be much more intentional about how much I’m drinking by setting a timer every two hours to refill my water bottle. This one is so great because of how big it is (25 ounces that’ll be sending you to the bathroom every hour). By the end of the day, you won’t even notice how much water you’ve consumed, but I can tell you that you will most definitely feel a difference after doing this for a week.

Do you have some sustainable home pieces you love to use? Comment below to help others start their journey!

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