6 Wardrobe Staples You Need This Fall

Happy fall, friends!

Anyone else ready for sweater weather?

This season is my favorite because there are so many options when the temperature begins to drop. I am still able to utilize some of my summer pieces by pairing them with a favorite sweater or cardigan; it’s a total win-win for my wardrobe and my wallet.

To mark the occasion, I’ve pulled together 6 fall staples you need for your wardrobe (and some of my favorite places to find them)! These pieces are SO good, so grab them now in order to enjoy them all autumn long. Bonus, you’ll get some unsolicited fall outfit inspiration (you’re so welcome, my friend)!

1. A brightly colored, slouchy sweater

A moment of silence for the color of this sweater… Is it gold? Is it yellow? Is it orange? I don’t even know, but it’s beautiful and comfortable!

Everyone needs a fun, slouchy sweater that can be paired with jeans, a skirt or thrown over a dress. Plus, I like to think the vibrant color is a good way to keep the winter blues away.

Hat / Sweater / Jeans (Similar) / Necklace / Shoes

2. A neutral, flowy dress

This dress by Suunday is a perfect example of a super versatile dress (you may also recognize it from this post in a different color..just to show you how obsessed with it I am)! Pair it with a jean jacket, a cardigan, throw a sweater on over it or get a little bold and try a turtleneck underneath. Its midi-length makes it totally appropriate to wear on those warmer fall days. Honestly, the possibilities are endless because it’s such a neutral piece in your closet.

Like a fit and flare style better? Are bodycon dresses your fave? You do you, girl! Any neutral colored dress will work for this look, I just prefer an oversized sheath dress.

Dress / Necklace / Shoes

3. A midi tube skirt

These skirts scream cold weather!

They are such a classic, timeless look that you’ll love having one in your closet.

For warmer days, they look amazing with a plain or graphic tee tucked in. When the weather turns colder, they’re perfect to pair with a french tucked chunky sweater or turtleneck. I’m obsessed with one that features a side slit because it 1. allows you to walk 2. transitions so well from day to night!

Hat / Earrings (Similar) / Sweater (Similar) / Skirt / Shoes / Bag

4. A pair of black *comfy* pants

Look like you’re ready to walk into a meeting but feel like you can go take a nap? YES PLEASE.

You need a pair of elevated, comfy black pants. I especially love these because of the wide-leg silhouette and elastic waist-band (Thanksgiving outfit maybe?)! These are made of Tencel, a plant-based naturally derived fiber and are also created using a closed-loop production process. Don’t know what that means? Neither did I, so I looked it up for us! Basically, they keep reusing the solvent that creates the fabric to reduce their waste. And did I mention they’re insanely soft? Booya!

Pair it with a fitted sweater and you’ve got a kick-butt fall outfit!

These are a great, ethically conscious choice if you’re willing to spend a little more money. But remember that pants like this will never go out of style, so you’re really making a long-term investment by buying them!

Hat / Sweater (Similar) / Pants / Shoes (Similar) / Jacket

5. A gingham dress

Will gingham ever go out of style?

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a painting of pilgrims wearing gingham, that’s how timeless it is (jk, that doesn’t exist, but I had you going didn’t I?).

It goes with everything. It looks beautiful paired with an oversized cardigan or jean jacket. You need to add one of these to your fall staples!

Dress (Similar) / Necklace / Socks (Similar) / Shoes (Similar) / Hat

6. A high-quality, timeless jean jacket

How many times have I mentioned that a piece in this post would look amazing paired with a jean jacket?

The answer is (even if I didn’t explicitly say it) a jean jacket can be paired with anything in this post! A dress, a sweater, a graphic tee, a sweater with a skirt, a tee with jeans (I’m all about that denim on denim look), a jumpsuit... do you even need me to continue? Do yourself a favor and go buy a high-quality, timeless jean jacket. You will be able to pair it with so many pieces this fall, I promise you will not regret it!

Hat / Jacket / Sweater / Necklace / Jeans (Similar) / Shoes / Bag

Thanks for reading through some pieces I’ve found that I love! What are some fall staples you come back to year after year? Comment below!

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