3 Steps to Declutter Your Closet: Step 3 - Get Intentional with your Purchases

You now know exactly what’s in your closet, and you’ve taken steps to reduce how much you buy. But I’m sure you see some places where you need to add something to your closet.

This is where you need to think through a strategy for kicking impulse buying for good.

I get it… right now you’re thinking, “What should I do when I find something I really love and want to add to my closet?”

My advice? Create an intentional wish list of items you’ve found that you want to buy.

For me, if I see something I like, it goes on the wish list. Then, I look at my closet to make sure it’s something I really need. Finally, it just sits.

Once the initial “Oh, I want this” wears off, I see if it’s still something I’m interested in. If after a few weeks (or even a month) it’s something that’s continually on my mind to add, I pull the trigger.

It’s so important once you’ve gotten to this place of a smaller, more intentional wardrobe that there is thought and purpose put into every single purchase.

It’s not just about a good deal anymore. Sure, if something you’ve had on a list or had on your mind goes on sale, then that’s an added bonus, but it should never be the only reason you’re buying something.

Otherwise, the same old habits come back, and it’s so easy to fall back into that same trap.

The Curated Closet is a great workbook to help walk you through in more detail how to pare down your closet and find your style!

Our world wants us to move fast and make rash decisions, but I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to live that way. You have the freedom to slow down and think about what you’re spending your hard earned money on. You get to decide why and when you purchase something. Don’t let those marketing ploys win over.

I know this has gone on for a while, but I am passionate about giving people freedom in their closet! It should never feel like this dark corner of the room you never want to venture to.

I hope these 3 practical tips to pare down your closet have been helpful.

Please feel free to shoot me a message on Instagram anytime if you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you!

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