Linen: 3 reasons it's my summer fabric of choice

Linen is my most favorite fabric when summer comes around. I wear linen so often during the warmer months I often get asked if it’s a sustainable fabric to buy. I’m happy to let all you fellow lovers of linen know that it’s one of the best sustainable fabrics you can buy!

So… what makes linen so great?

It’s been around a long time

Linen is one of the oldest fabrics ever woven by civilization. Archeologists in the country of Georgia have found flax linen fibers that are over 34,000 years old and show evidence that they were dyed bright, vibrant colors by our ancestors! In many cultures, linen was so highly sought after and valuable that only royalty and priests were allowed to wear it. It really is a beautiful, luxurious fabric!

It’s friendly to the Earth

Linen is formed using the entire flax plant, meaning if it’s untreated (aka not dyed) it’s biodegradable! Flax plants are also extremely easy to grow, even in poor soil, and require much less water compared to another popular option, cotton. You will very rarely see “organic linen” because of linen’s natural ability to repel pests, meaning little pesticide is required to keep the plants healthy.

Practicality and durability

Linen is a practical choice because of how light and breathable it is, plus it’s naturally antibacterial meaning it doesn’t hold on to odors. It’s also ultra durable and only gets better with use and washing--washing linen allows it to absorb more water and the more you wash, the softer it becomes! In Europe, it’s tradition for children to inherit their parent’s linen sheets, that’s how long-lasting it is. Love linen well and it will love you back.

The only con? (If you want to call it that)

Some people may not love linen because it’s one of those fabrics that wrinkles oh so easily, but that’s what I love about it. To me, the wrinkles give character and life to the fabric. Not everything is perfect in life and our fabrics shouldn’t have to be either.

Want to add more linen to your life?

Here are some of my favorite brands to find beautiful linen pieces.


This is a new local favorite for high-quality linen textiles for my home! Modernplum is based in Chicago, IL (right down the road from me!!) and they create super high-quality linen bed sheets, table clothes, pillow cover, napkins… honestly, anything you need for your home, they have!

I spoke with the owner, Allison, and she is passionate about creating timeless linens that last their owners a lifetime. I love how she says on their website, “Our approach to bringing products to market is rooted in conservation. Our reason for being in business is to offer a better choice in linens. It's a choice that is mindful of resources used, waste made, and the overall value of artisan sewing versus assembly line production. At the end of the day, Modernplum items are modern heirlooms will elevate your home life.”

She very kindly gifted me one of their Charles All-purpose Throws and let me tell you, this piece is amazing! It’s absolutely beautiful, durable and truly multi-purpose. We love using it as a picnic blanket (in our backyard for now) during these warm spring days! I can’t wait to keep using and loving this piece for years to come.

We are doing a giveaway now until May 29 where you can win your own Charles throw! You can enter here.

You can get 20% off your order with code TAKE20, so take advantage if you’re in the market for new linens and get pieces that you know are durable enough to last a lifetime!


This is a small Etsy shop out of Lithuania, and oh my goodness, each of their handmade pieces are beautiful! Their York pants are probably my favorite pants for summer. Each piece is made to order and while it takes some time to make it to your doorstep, the wait is totally worth it! Check out their Etsy shop to see their wide array of pieces!


Tradlands has really beautiful Tencel/Linen blend pieces that bring comfort and breathability with a lot less wrinkle. Tencel gives their pieces a little more structure, but the linen allows for beautiful movement. I love that Tradlands as a brand is committed to creating timeless, versatile and durable pieces that you can wear and love for years to come.

You can take 15% off your first Tradlands order with code MCL15!

Well, I hope I’ve officially convinced you that linen is the best fabric on our planet. If you want, take advantage of my affiliate links to try linen out for yourself, I promise you will not regret it! Happy summer, friends!

*Please note that this post does contain affiliate links and I make a small commission off your purchases. Thank you for supporting me and allowing me to do more of this!

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