Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide 2019

My favorite time of year is finally here!

Does anyone else think it’s crazy how fast 2019 has gone by? Didn’t we just celebrate Christmas?

With the holiday season underway and your Christmas shopping list growing by what feels like the hour, it can be hard to try and find the perfect gift for everyone on that list. I know there are certain people on my list who always buy what they need, so they don’t have any ideas for gifts (oh hey, Dad).

So, I’ve put together this gift guide for anyone in your life who wants to start the sustainable living journey but doesn’t know where to begin. These could also be great “treat yo self” purchases *hint, hint*.

Pro tip: The Vejibags I have linked here make an awesome sustainable gift wrapping alternative!

This is also a time of year I want to emphasize shopping small and shopping local! Many of my picks are curated or made by small businesses in local communities (not always my local community, I will admit) that I have purchased from and love what they are about.

Here are just a few quick highlights about some of the brands I love within this list:

Whiskey and Wine:

I know you guys have heard me rave about Mal’s earrings, so I don’t know how much I need to go on. If you don’t own any, you need to get some... and if you already own a pair, buy another. These are beautifully hand-crafted earrings made in Portland, OR with so much love and care.

Fallow Fields Clothing:

Another incredible maker from Oregon, Rachel, makes some of the most beautiful, timeless pieces I have ever seen! This is the epitome of shopping small, so if you are looking for a new quality item for your wardrobe or know someone who loves slow fashion, you need to jump on one of her pieces! Everything is sold via Instagram and I would say she lists new items at least once a week. Just in time for the holidays!


Yet another brand I’ve shouted my love for. Suunday is all about high-quality versatile wardrobe staples and socially conscious practices. I’m all about it!I own their Dolman dress in every color it’s sold in… if that doesn’t express how much I love them I don’t know what will.. Need I say more?


They’re all about sustainable, ethical fashion and I LOVE THAT. Revari curates a load of vendors’ products that are made by small artisans or sustainable brands. They actually sell my favorite Whiskey and Wine earrings, which you know means they’re picking some great pieces. If you’re just starting in sustainable fashion, check them out because you can get so much in one place!

I hope you have a sustainable holiday! Merry Christmas, friends!

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